BOLD Leader Brittany Bledsoe

Fortune Favors the Bold Co was created to highlight those that are being undoubtedly bold, audacious, and creative. We here to represent the everyday people working hard to make a difference, that don't always necessarily get the credit they deserve.
That's why we created The Bold Movement. Where we put the spotlight on these people and applaud their efforts.
This month's feature is a local Augusta, GA student, Brittany Bledsoe, that thought of the idea to accept mass donations in order to help those more severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Her and others such as Brittany Lewis, Dominique Larson, Stephanie Wilson, and Glory Nyangaresi have been out collecting donations to give to the health department, sherrifs department, and the hospital! 
Below is her Bold story about this endeavor:
"I'm a senior nursing student attending the Augusta University Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
So far we have received over $4,000 in monetary donations.
I have no idea how many item donations we've received. Id say enough to completely fill my spare bedroom twice haha
I started this organization in response to what I was seeing on social media. So many people were saying that they couldn't find simple household sanitation products like toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning goods. I also noticed our country was starting to experience a major shortage of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer
It was upsetting to see how many people were overbuying out of fear or to make a profit off of the fear of others
I thought to myself, how are we supposed to prevent the spread of the virus if people can't even practice basic hygiene due to lack of resources. Especially when those who're at highest risk of severe symptoms related to COVID19 don't have this stuff. Those are the people who will likely need hospitalization due to symptoms.
With hospitals also struggling with PPE and sanitation goods, I felt like, wouldn't it be important to focus on preventing people from needing hospitalization in the first place?
My best advice for inspiring others is to step outside the box is don't be afraid to do something different than what others are doing. You might be filling a niche that no one has thought of yet."
- Brittany Bledsoe
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Stay Bold.