About Us



Here at Fortune Fortune Favors the Bold, we value AUTHENTIC INCLUSIVITY: the belief that an active, healthy lifestyle is for everyone, not just fitness models. Health and wellness is a lifestyle that’s not only accessible but destined for each and every one of us.

Most of all, we believe that everyone, regardless of their current circumstance, can accomplish their wildest, boldest dreams.

That’s why Fortune Favors the Bold Co. donates $1 to Kiva for every purchase made.


Kiva is a non-profit organization that helps give small business loans globally to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the financial opportunity to realize their own big, bold dreams.

We choose to support those who go after their dreams, because

We believe in living the dream, and we believe in YOU.

We’re all in this together. Welcome to the Fortune Favors the Bold family!

Never stop hustling.

-Rebekah Rodriguez, CEO, Founder